Certification for machinery

Giada (Emilia Romagna — Rimini, 18 марта 2016)

Dear Sirs,

Metalstar 2000 produces woodworking machinery, moulder and milling machine.
I would like to have a quotation to have some Gost certificate.

At the moment we need the certificates for moulder only, but I would like to understand if they are able to be used for milling machine also.

I look forward to receiving your early reply.

Best regards

Julia, +7 (495) 322-79-34,

Dear Giada,

For such woodworking machinery including moulder and milling machine you should obtain not GOST-certificate but obligatory declaration according to Technical regulations of Customs union TR CU 010/2011 “For safety on machines and equipment”.

Now declaration TR CU (EAC) is the only type of obligatory certificate for such equipment required for import in Russia or other countries of Customs union (Belorussia, Kazakhstan).

Please send us HS (customs) codes and technical passports/manuals/ brief description to find out if we can issue 1 common declaration TR CU (EAC) for both types of equipment.

Note that applicant company in declaration should be russian (or belorussian/kazakh) legal entity.

I’ll be waiting for additional information from you.