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    per. Kapranova, 3, ofis 4719
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  • St. Petersburg
    St. Petersburg
    BC "ROSSTRO", Sabirovskaya, 45
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    Tel/fax: +7 (831) 200-34-29
  • Rostov-on-Don
    BC "Belyy slon", Tekucheva 234
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  • Stavropol
    ul. Mira, d. 331
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About the “GostRus” company

At this date certification services are provided by many certification centers of different levels. The certification center “GostRus” is one of the well-developed certification centers. Professional employees working in this center are ready to provide you any help by provision of certification services. The specialists of the center can consult you on all the questions free of cost, help to fill application forms for certificates’ execution and other consent documents. Our employees will answer all of you questions and select the most proper certification scheme for each specific product.

In the certification center “GostRus” you can execute various certificates and other consent documents certifying products’ correspondence to requirements of various certification systems in Russia: fire safety systems, certification systems to GOST-R and TR, the system of sanitary and epidemiological control, and other certification systems.

Highly skilled specialists of “GostRus” will issue any certification document you need according to the law. In the certification center “GostRus” you can get following documents:

  • Certificate of conformity to GOST-R;
  • Expert reports;
  • State Registration certificate of transport;
  • Fire safety certificate;
  • Declaration of conformity to GOST-R;
  • Exemption letters;
  • Fire safety declaration;
  • CTR certificate;
  • RTN permit;
  • Declaration of conformity to TR;
  • Other documents.

If the product is not to be obligatory certified in any acting certification systems, employees of “GostRus” will help with execution of documents on a voluntary basis at applicant’s pleasure.

If you have any questions or do not understand some aspects in the certification field, then employees of our certification center “GostRus” will explain the situation to you, and take upon themselves all the duties by execution of any certification document you need.