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Certification center “GostRus” — sale and issue of certificates, buying and getting certificates of conformity to products and services

Our certification center “GostRus” has been known on certification services market for over 10 years. Our branches function in Moscow and St.-Petersburg. The certification center “GostRus” could help you to buy and get a GOST-R certificate of conformity to the standards of GOST, ISO 9001 etc.

Our certification services are the following:

  • Certification of conformity to GOST-R;
  • Declaration of conformity;
  • Hygienic certificate (Sanitary epidemiological conclusion);
  • Fire safety certification;
  • Exemption letters, with no term in particular;
  • Green passports;
  • Euro 2, Euro 3, Euro 4 certification;
  • Certificate of quality;
  • ISO certification;
  • UkrSEPRO certification;
  • Certificate of origin;
  • Certification of a quality management system (QMS).

Our certification body rapidly develops collaboration with regions. Messenger services of special purpose help us with well-timed delivery of documents on-the-spot. We look toward long-term and permanent work with our customers. That is why our activities are competent and immediate. The key-note of our certification body for products and services “GostRus” is work precision in combination with minimum terms of accomplishment of all operations necessary.

Certification of products and services — reference information

The sanitary epidemiological conclusion (the hygienic certificate, the hygienic conclusion) is a document that confirms correspondence of specific products to installed hygienic standards and sanitary requirements.
Usually, the hygienic certificates are validated by Gossanepidnadzor services. Before that thorough inspection of production and its industrial welfare is needed. The final conclusion is issued based on the test protocol and presented technical documents. The sanitary epidemiological conclusion is one of the mandatory documents that are to show when one imports to the territory of the Russian Federation from abroad.

Certificate of conformity to GOST-R (RST certificate) is a document that confirms correspondence of given product to necessary requirements of safety and quality installed by the existing standards and rules. These are GOST, GOST-R, GOST-R MEK, etc. Certificate of conformity is also known as certificate of quality and certificate of safety. Sometimes it’s called a RosTest certificate or custom certificate.

The quality management system (QMS) is a system that controls production quality in organizations.

The certification of products can be obligatory. If that is the situation, they issue the certificate of conformity of yellow color. Other kind of certification is a voluntarily proceeding that confirms the quality of products. In that case the certificate of conformity is colored in blue.
In the present time there is an ordinance that makes necessary the issue of certificates of conformity for various kinds of products. It contains list of products and services needed to have certificates of conformity or declarations of conformity. If a specific product is included in this stock list, then the procedure of Russian certification is obligatory, and that product must get the certificate of conformity on a yellow form, the execution of declaration of conformity is also acceptable.

The certificate of conformity to GOST-R is issued based on the lab test protocol of the products given by the accredited structures. Furthermore, when some product is to be examined for fire safety and sanitary epidemiologic norms, the permission of issue and sale of certificate of conformity to GOST-R is granted only after the issue of the sanitary epidemiologic conclusion (the hygienic certificate) and the fire certificate. If the obligatory certification is not needed, the voluntarily certificate or the exemption letter can be issued.
There is one more special thing about getting the certificate of conformity: the test of production is not always required for the issues of those certificates. The certification schemes regulate this very moment.

The exemption letter is a document issued by the accredited certification body that carries out the procedure of certification. It points out the fact that the given product does not need the obligatory certification. The letter is written on a form of the certification body that issues this exemption letter. When it is not clear if the procedure of certification is obligatory for given product, the exemption letter is also issued. Such situations could be possible when representatives of inspection agencies (e.g. trade inspection or department inspection) or customers want to be sure that the product does have the certificate of conformity.
In the certification system GOST-R, the exemption letters can be nominally divided on 2 kinds:

  • Exemption letter for trade;
  • Exemption letter for customs (exemption letter from VNIIS).

The exemption letter for trade can be given by any certification bodies. The exemption letter for customs is only issued by the Russian Research Institute for Certification JSC (VNIIS).

The certificate of origin ST-1 is a document certifying that the product has been entirely manufactured in the State party of the Agreement on the Free Trade Area of the April 15, 1994. These State parties are 10 countries of CIS. The export goods from the territories of those countries as the goods that are imported in their territories have some VAT advantage where there is the certificate of product’s origin issued on the form “ST-1”.

The fire safety certificate is a document certifying that the product satisfies the fire safety requirements. This certificate can be issued in the fire safety supervision services. If the product is not liable for certification, and the obligatory fire safety certification is not needed, the exemption letter could be issued. The certification body or center that issues the exemption letter must be accredited in fire safety.

Technical Regulation (TR) is a document which must contain the full complex of requirements for products, as such as its manufacture, transportation and storage, following exploitation, control and acceptance procedure. TR are being developed for one specific article, material or reagent, or several specific articles, materials or reagents, etc. Technical regulation is to be in accordance with GOST 2.114-95. During the TR registration the front page and the index sheet must be stamped and carry the signs of the registration agency. Only the regional organizations accredited by Gosstandart (the center of certification of products and services) have the right to register and enroll the technical regulation.

How to get the certificate of conformity to GOST – the certification in the “GostRus” center

Our certification body provides services in development and registration of TR, in processing, execution, sale and issue of any certificates of conformity to GOST-R, in buying of an ISO certificate or getting an exemption letter, in certification of various kinds of products and services.
The specialists of our certification center will consult you at no cost and help to decide all the questions about the certification of products and services. They will help you to execute and buy any necessary certificate of conformity for any product at short notice and upon your terms.

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